The will of Mary Craddock

I’ve decided to share the information I’ve extracted from Mary Craddock’s 1828 will in the hopes that it may help others looking for their ancestors as well as add a dimension of truth and specificity to the experience of a woman of color of means in 18th and 19th century Jamaica.

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Jennings, Craddock, Moss: a cast of characters

I’ve gone ahead and created a family tree consisting of the known ancestors and immediate descendants of Norris Jennings and Sarah Margaret Moss.

This tree includes more than 45 people and spans the 1750s to the 1870s. It illustrates family relationships that I have uncovered through hundreds of hours of research, analysis and writing.

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Sarah Margaret Jennings (née Moss)

As I mentioned in my previous post, my goal now is to find more about Norris Jennings’ wife, Sarah Margaret. I haven’t really done any formal research on her up until now, so I thought I would go ahead and document my research process.

In addition to sharing all the information I have on Sarah Margaret thus far, I’ll also be making note of potentials clues to chase down, questions to answer, and actions to take.

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It all started with Norris...

The focus of most my research thus far has largely been on Norrison Jennings of Old Harbour Bay, Jamaica. Norrison lived in the parish of Saint Dorothy in Jamaica.  He was born about 1795 to Susanna Craddock and Joseph Jennings, two people likely of color who were born free.

Norrison was a seafaring, slave-owning man who held a position in his church. He married a woman of color named Sarah Margaret Moss and together the couple had 10 sons.

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